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Mortgage Rate Forecast

Expert Forecasts on Mortgage RatesIf you’ve been thinking of buying a home, you may have been watching what’s happened with mortgage rates over the past year. It’s true they

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Buy vs. Rent

Buying a Home May Make More Financial Sense Than Renting OneIf rising home prices leave you wondering if it makes more sense to rent or buy a home in today’s housing market, consider

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Why Are People Moving in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Why Are People Moving Today?Buying a home is a major life decision. That’s true whether you’re purchasing for the first time or selling your house to fuel a move. And if you&rsquo

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Should You Buy a Home with Inflation This High?

Should You Buy a Home with Inflation This High?While the Federal Reserve is working hard to bring down inflation, the latest data shows the inflation rate is still going up. You

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