Managing Team

Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.
Why? Experience.
RE/MAX First is owned and managed by a team of real estate professionals second to none with combined experience in excess of 100 years… more experience than any other RE/MAX in South Florida.
Kolec Nick Ndoja, Managing Broker, Margerita Ndoja, General Manager  & Paul Caillaud, Esq., General Counsel are seasoned real estate professionals supporting our agent’s needs from pre-contract title and listing issues through creative contract drafting and final closing.
With the additional support of our title professionals and expert, fully experienced branch office management, we deliver highly creative and professional agent support for all your real estate needs.
Kolec “Nick” Ndoja
Principal – Broker Commercial Real Estate & Development Advisor
PH: 954.368.8700 x 306
FAX: 954.368.8701
Toll Free: 855.681.6163 Mobile: 954.709.6484

Nick has always been an overachiever… From playing a leading role in the liberation of his homeland, Albania, from the grips of communism while in his 20’s to crafting one of the largest-ever fuel jobber transactions in Florida… Nick just doesn’t accept “can’t be done” as an answer!!! Always an energetic negotiator, commercial Broker® and business adviser,

Nick draws his analytic skill from his mechanical engineering training, and property management and mortgage brokerage experience to offer insightful guidance on matters ranging from basic contract drafting to new construction development opportunities.

Nick has always been heavily involved in all aspects of real estate, from Residential and Commercial properties to real estate finance. With his well-rounded experience in all areas of the industry, Nick prides himself on being a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers in commercial Industry, Nick’s clientele consists mostly of high net worth individuals from around the world. 

On 2016 Nick has sold over $60,000,000 Million, Shopping Center in Pompano Beach Florida.

He was awarded from CoStar POWER BROKER Ranked by CoStar based on 2016 transaction Volume 

With over a decade of experience and huge personal success in the real estate business,when it comes to the commercial real estate game, Kolec Nick Ndoja has become a Commercial Power Guy for Shopping Center and Gas Station, Joberships and other commercial properties.  

Paul Caillaud, ESQ.
General Counsel
PH: 954.368.8700
FAX: 954.368.8701
Toll Free: 855.681.6163
Mobile: 954.651.1547

Paul is widely recognized as one of the very few (five in Florida) experts on real estate brokerage administration and licensee compliance and with over 30 years of real estate experience, there’s not much he hasn’t seen and helped resolve.

Paul plays a major role in agent support, from assisting in strategic contract drafting to resolution of complex title matters impeding closing, his commitment to “get the deal closed” is well recognized and helps explain why RE/MAX First enjoys affiliation with some of the major powers in Broward County real estate sales.

Margerita Ndoja
General Manager 
PH: 954.368.8705
FAX: 954.368.8701
Toll Free: 855.681.6163 Mobile: 954.245.1923
E/M: nmargerita(at)gmail(dotted)com

Margerita is the “glue” that holds it all together, with over eighteen years of real estate transactional, marketing, financing and management experience is always focused on surrounding Herself with the best professionals, creating a great environment where everyone has an opportunity to grow and compete with the best, while ensuring the Company and

Associates remain in compliance with not only the letter, but the public-service spirit of Florida brokerage law. Agent support remains Margerita’s primary niche, allowing Associates to do what they do best, represent customers at the highest professional and ethical level in a relaxed and highly productive atmosphere, by striving for excellence on every field of the industry.

The symphony of an astute and well versed businesswoman, Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to success, Her extreme dedication, vision, compassion and tenacity are the living proof of Her leadership that laid the solid foundation for RE/MAX FIRST and First Title of Broward, and leading them on a path for a sustained growth.